Dartmoor Cattle Drive Two Day Photography Workshop – July 17th – 19th


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Join Malcolm for an intensive two day Dartmoor Cattle Drive Photography Workshop, the UK-only cattle drive, this will follow an authentic cattle drive as it happens to bring the cattle back to the farm for Cow & Calf Muster this is in collaboration with Dartmoor Riding Holidays and Phil Heard, Dartmoors very own cowboy.

This unique journey will offer an unparalleled opportunity to capture breathtaking photographs of western riding amidst the majestic landscapes of Dartmoor.

* Kindly be informed that this workshop is currently exclusively available to my private group. The workshop spans two days, but due to my presence with the team on Dartmoor, I welcome you to join me for three days from July 17th to July 19th inclusively. Alternatively, you may select any combination of two days within this period.*

Please book your place on the intensive two day Dartmoor Cattle Drive Photography Workshop on Wednesday 17th – 19th July

The price for the day is £375.00 per person.
NB. The course is limited to eight people.

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Pay a deposit of £100.00 per item


The schedule will be flexible to accommodate the light and weather and the unique photo opportunities Dartmoor brings.

You can count on a wonderful day with new photography friendships made and diverse photo opportunities explored during this wonderful season on Dartmoor.

We will discuss in detail how to capture great images of horses including horse sense such as where to stand and how to capture the gaits at their best, and all the technical details required such as camera and equipment, settings, composition and light.

Ultimately you will be inspired by what you learn and experience and you will come away from the workshop with a good knowledge of what to look for and how to go about capturing great pictures of horses so that you know how to turn mediocre shots into really special ones.

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