Horse Photography

Horse Photography

I love nothing more than helping others on their horse photography journey and hope my blog posts will encourage more people to get outside with their cameras and enjoy the beauty and pleasure that horse photography can bring. My aim is to demystify and simplify some of the photography terminologies for the beginner.

Ideal for the beginner and advanced photographer wishing to develop their skills in equestrian photography.

My posts will cover in detail how to capture great images of horses including horse sense such as where to stand and how to capture the gaits at their best, and all the technical details required such as camera and equipment, settings, composition and light.

Horse Photography

Please read through my online resource guide for How to Photograph Horses

How to Photograph Horses – Introduction

There are numerous fantastic books on the technical aspects of all the camera settings, colour management and digital workflow. Along with even more on which brand of camera equipment and software to invest in, all of which I will not be going into, other than stating which work for me and why. One of the […]

Horse Photography Workshops

Please check out my latest Dartmoor Horse Photography Workshops, either personal 1-1 days, small group private hire or join me on one of my group horse photography days and weekends.

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