Meet Malcolm

Meet Malcolm

Malcolm is a respected, internationally published horse & conservation photographer based in Dartmoor, Devon, England.

His passion & enthusiasm for capturing horses within the landscape is obvious. This passion has allowed him to develop his conservation photography and the founding of a not for profit photography company supporting local charities that have a focus on conservation, biodiversity and protecting wildlife habitat.

Malcolm’s love of the outdoors is a lifetime affair. Observing and capturing images of horses within extraordinary landscapes is a conservation-minded passion that’s rooted in a deep affection and respect for the environment.

As you’d expect the resulting images and landscape photographs are stunning, revealing Malcolm’s feelings about the fantastic place he’s so in tune with. The images are clear, dramatic and very beautiful, evoking the unique beauty of the landscape.

Malcolm has a deep passion for Dartmoor and conservation and is proud to be Patron for the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust, working with the team promoting the fantastic work that the charity does to secure the future of the native Dartmoor pony and to inspire and connect people with Dartmoor’s wildlife, landscape and heritage.

Malcolm knows Dartmoor intimately, including all the secret, special places the moorland has to offer.

Malcolm runs photography workshops on Dartmoor and at some top equestrian sport venues such as Badminton, Bicton Arena & Nunney International Horse trials.

Malcolm has a passion for conservation and rewilding of the landscape and supports charities and organisations that are focused on protecting the environment.

My Core Photography Values

As a conservationist & wildlife lover, I will always respect my environment and my subject over trying to capture an image.

  • Observation not Orchestraion
  • The welfare of the subject is more important than the photograph.
  • Be familiar with the natural history of the subject
  • Minimize our impact on the landscape by following the “Leave No Trace – Pack It In, Pack it Out
  • Image manipulation must never alter essential content in such a way that it either misrepresents actual events, or deceives the intended audience
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