Meet Malcolm

Hi i'm Malcolm

As a UK Horse and Conservation Photographer, my work is deeply entwined with the wild essence of Dartmoor National Park. For over a decade, I've been immersed in studying the Dartmoor pony and the crucial role of native herds in conservation grazing. This harmonious interaction, where the grazing of native ponies bolsters biodiversity and nurtures habitats, is the cornerstone of my photography.


My mission transcends merely capturing their majestic grace; it's focused on highlighting their vital contribution to the ecosystem, benefiting a myriad of species from plants and mosses to birds, amphibians, and insects such as bees.


At the heart of my practice is a profound respect for nature, guided by principles that prioritise the welfare of my subjects and their habitats. My approach is rooted in the power of observation—capturing moments naturally, untouched and authentic. Committed to leaving no trace and maintaining the integrity of my images, I ensure each photograph faithfully reflects the moment, free from manipulation. This philosophy underscores my practice, fostering a harmonious presence within nature.


Through my initiative, Inspired By Wildlife, I've underscored my dedication to conservation. By visually narrating the environmental impact of the Dartmoor pony's grazing, I aim to deepen the understanding and appreciation of these practices' significance to ecosystem health. This narrative justifies expanding my portfolio to encompass the flora and fauna thriving due to the ponies' grazing, illustrating the delicate balance maintained by these grazing patterns, essential for pollinators like bees.


As an official Visit Dartmoor Ambassador and advocate for wildlife and environmental stewardship, my workshops offer more than photography lessons; they share the profound interconnectedness of our ecosystem.


Each image, whether of ponies, plant life, or the hum of bees, champions the critical role of native grazing in biodiversity preservation. It's a call to action, encouraging support for conservation efforts that uphold this fragile equilibrium.


Join me on this exploration of discovery and conservation, where each photograph serves as a tribute to nature's resilience and our role in its guardianship. As we delve into the Dartmoor pony's narrative and its indispensable place in our ecological heritage, we advocate for a world where conservation secures Dartmoor's splendor for future generations.


In my capacity as an official Visit Dartmoor Ambassador, I'm deeply committed to revealing Dartmoor's captivating beauty, aiming to inspire both locals and visitors. This effort is enriched by my role as a trustee of the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust and my collaboration with The English National Park Experience Collection, focusing on the conservation and storytelling of our natural heritage.


My Dartmoor workshops are dynamic forums for unveiling the moor's concealed marvels, driven by a mission to harmonise exploration with conservation. In these roles, I tirelessly promote Dartmoor's beauty and the well-being of its denizens, inviting you to partake in a photographic voyage that celebrates nature's intricate ballet and fosters a world where our dedication to conservation ensures Dartmoor's grandeur persists for generations.

My Core Photography Values

As a conservationist & wildlife lover, I will always respect my environment and my subject over trying to capture an image.

A Commitment to Integrity and Conservation
In the heart of every frame I capture lies a deep-seated respect for the natural world and its inhabitants. As both a fervent conservationist and wildlife enthusiast, my approach to photography is guided by principles that honor and preserve the essence of my subjects and their environments.

Observation Over Orchestration
To me, the true art of photography lies in observation rather than orchestration. Each image I create is a testament to the beauty of natural occurrences, untouched and unaltered. The welfare of my subjects stands paramount, transcending the pursuit of the perfect shot. This ethos ensures that my presence in their world is one of reverence and minimal impact.

Informed Engagement
Understanding the natural history of the subjects I photograph is fundamental. This knowledge not only enriches the storytelling through my lens but also ensures that my interactions are respectful and informed. It's about capturing the spirit of the subject in its purest form, an endeavor that demands patience, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to conservation.

Leave No Trace
The principles of "Leave No Trace" guide every step I take in the wilderness. My aim is to pack out what I pack in, leaving behind nothing but footprints and taking nothing but photographs. This commitment extends to minimizing my impact on the landscape, preserving its integrity for future generations to experience and enjoy.

Ethical Image Integrity
In an age where image manipulation is commonplace, I stand firm in my belief that photography should be an honest reflection of reality. My editing philosophy is restrained, ensuring that any adjustments made do not alter the essential content or misrepresent the truth of the moment captured. It is imperative that my images remain truthful, fostering trust and authenticity with my audience.

These core values are the pillars upon which my photography stands. They are not merely guidelines but a reflection of my dedication to conservation and ethical photography. Through my lens, I strive to share the stories of our world with integrity, hoping to inspire a deeper appreciation and respect for its wonders.

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