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“Hi Malcolm, What a wonderful day I had yesterday. The locations you took us to were simply stunning and the whole day was so informative, without your knowledge I could have carried on making the same mistakes and never progressed. I’ve learnt so much and will now approach my photography in a different way, I’ve been inspired! Thank you so much”

– Angela

Inspired by Wildlife

Malcolm & Harry Web Qlty

My passion for conservation photography extends beyond mere conservation advocacy; it's a pledge to bolster small, local wildlife and conservation charities through the art of visual storytelling. Leveraging my photographic skills, I aim not only to highlight the indispensable work of these organizations but also to shine a light on the dedicated individuals at their core. Delving deep into the heart of ecosystems, my mission captures the essence of their delicate balances, narrating the vital stories of devotion, hope, and collective efforts to safeguard our natural heritage.

From the meticulous grazing roles of Dartmoor ponies to the intricate webs of life they support, each image is a testament to the commitment and perseverance of volunteers, scientists, and all those tirelessly working towards our coexistence with nature. Through my Inspired By Wildlife initiative, I strive to illuminate the crucial endeavors of these champions of conservation, aiming to deepen public understanding and appreciation for the meticulous balance our environment thrives on. Join me in this visual journey, celebrating the impactful contributions and the passionate efforts that drive the preservation of our world, shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.

Dartmoor Photography Workshops

Looking to develop your photography skills Whether your photography interest is in Landscape, Macro, Horse or you simply would like to improve your photography skills then one of my Dartmoor Photography Workshops is for you.

My workshops are an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the hidden gems of Dartmoor and the fundamentals of great photography, enabling you to capture the unique scenery of Dartmoor National Park. Vivid colours and atmospheric sunlight go hand-in-hand so that the moor is ablaze with an astonishing vibrancy, perfect for creating dramatic photographs. Visit destinations that are off the beaten track and learn how to frame and capture stunning images under the expert guidance of Malcolm.

I am proud to be working with The English National Park Experience Collection, telling the stories of our landscapes and their people.

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Photography experience in Dartmoor
Photography experience in Dartmoor
Photography experience in Dartmoor
Photography experience in Dartmoor
Photography experience in Dartmoor
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